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Castle News: April 2020 Holy Week Scripture Writing

Some of you have joined us on facebook/instagram to write out Scripture together this past week, as we virtually come together as a world to seek God in the midst of great trial. Since we are not able to host groups on the property this month, may you consider joining us in "retreat" this Sunday to Sunday as we write out together during Holy Week in preparation to declare-- death is not the victor, for He has Risen....yes He has Risen indeed.

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Palm Sunday

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem with his disciples riding a borrowed donkey. He arrived to much celebration, but it was the beginning of the end of his human life.

Write Zechariah 9:9

Write Luke 19:28-40

Holy Monday

On Holy Monday, Jesus asserted his authority by throwing out anyone and everyone who was doing business inside the temple complex. The Jewish leaders were less than impressed with the display of power.

Write Isaiah 56:1-8

Write Luke 19:41-48

Holy Tuesday

On Holy Tuesday, temple leaders challenged Jesus by putting him to the test. Literally. They raised a number of theological debates with him and questioned both his teaching and his God-given authority.

Write Psalm 118:19-27

Holy Wednesday

On Holy Wednesday, Jesus continued his teaching, which only riled up Jewish leaders. The tipping point came when a woman honored Jesus by anointing him with really expensive oil. This didn't sit well with Judas, who went straight to the religious authorities and offered to deliver Jesus into their hands.

Write Mark 14:1-11

Maundy Thursday

On Maundy Thursday, after celebrating the Passover with his disciples, Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray, where Judas betrayed him. He was arrested and tortured while Peter denied him.

Write Isaiah 50:4-10

Good Friday

On Good Friday, the Jewish leaders, with the help of Pilate, subjected Jesus to a mock trial that resulted in a death sentence for the one who would be called the King of the Jews. He was hastily crucified and quickly buried before the Sabbath began that evening.

Write Psalm 22:1-18

Write Luke 22:66-71

Holy Saturday

On Holy Saturday, not much happened...that we know of, at least. Since it was the Jewish Sabbath, all activity came to a grinding halt, and Jesus' followers had to wait until the next day to properly prepare his body for burial.

Write Isaiah 52:13-15

Write Luke 23:54-56

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, a couple of women went to Jesus' tomb to anoint him for burial, but when they arrived, he wasn't there. The tomb was empty, and an angel greeted them with the news that Jesus was alive. The women hurried back to tell the others, and Jesus surprised his grieving disciples by showing up in their midst.

Write Isaiah 52:7-10

Read Luke 24

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