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Castle News: June 2020

Work/Study camps went so well as the fellas studied from

Do Hard Things & Philippians each day.

They saved pine trees, built a paved gathering place on the knoll, and lit fires galore both for clearing the woods and for nightly talks!

Now it is time to prepare for the ladies with our

Abbey Camp 2020: Do Small Things Well.

There are limited spots left for

Session 3: July 23-26 and Session 4: July 28-31

We will be studying 1 Timothy!

(Hebrews has been moved to a 2 part retreat in the Fall)

Sign up today:

*unsure what to expect, take it from some of our veteran campers below

**A bit past the age of summer camp? :) Consider joining us for a July/Aug Women's Outdoor Book Discussion on Thomas à Kempis' The Imitation of Christ. Drop us a reply for more info!

"When I first went to an Abbey Retreat, I was kind of nervous because I only knew a few people there. I was worried that the girls might be “cliquish" which can make things awkward. What a blessed and glorious surprise I had when I encountered nothing of the sort! Every girl there was so welcoming, and by the end of the retreat, we were like sisters! I cannot tell you what a blessing the Abbey Retreats have been to my soul! Being with other girls that love Jesus and each other, and are willing to embrace each other’s differences because of their common bond in Christ is one of the most beautiful things in the world to me! Each time I return from an Abbey Retreat, I am refreshed and challenged spiritually, and filled with such a joy I cannot express. Honestly, they are one of God’s greatest blessings in my life!" ~Charis

"Abbey retreats have seriously changed my life. The life-on-life CM community and the actual retreats have shaped and are shaping who I am. God has used writing out Scripture to write it on my heart. Months after a retreat I'll hear something that reminds me of what I wrote in Galatians, Proverbs, etc. I am propelled to love God more through these weekends. Along with that, I now know girls that I have known for years SO much more. I know their hearts. And now I really care about girls who I wouldn't have otherwise known. All that to say, I LOVE Abbey retreats. I am a different person because of them."~Lauren

I’ve been to countless Abbey retreats out at Castle Ministries and have been enveloped in love since day one. CM creates an atmosphere where you slow down and are able to focus intently on God’s Word by writing it out word for word. Yet you also are given the ability to make new friends from different walks of life. People hearts are knit together out at Castle Ministries and you leave feeling more equipped to handle the difficulties of life knowing the Truth of God’s Word. -Abby

Or check out all of the fun pics over the years on social media:​

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