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Castle News: July 2020

We were talking with a fella this week who was considering doing a SMALL retreat in August. He lamented that it was probably too small to even attempt. We got to share how Monk retreats first started, with just 2 young men in the top of the tower writing out 1st Peter and discussing. It was a good reminder for ourselves and such a confirmation of our summer motto which has now become a 2020 theme, to Do Small Things Well. We here at Castle are trying to walk this out with wisdom & humility, while honoring the Lord and others in these times that can seem a bit weary. So may we cast that vision, if you have small things that you want to see happen this late Summer/Fall let us come alongside it with what God has given us to steward.

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, Col 3:23

Upcoming Dates:

July 23-26 Session 3: Abbey Camp on 1 Timothy

July 25 The Forge Prayer at the Knoll

July 28-31 Session 4: Abbey Camp on 1 Timothy

July 31-Aug 1 CC Retreat

Aug 8-9 Pellissippi Retreat

Aug Fontana Men's Retreat

Sept Fontana Men's Retreat

Sept 12 Right Now Marriage Night

Sept 18-19 Young Adults Weekend

***We are hoping to tackle a few big projects looming before Abbey Camp, including working on the chimney/windows/deck/gutters here--if you have any experience in these areas or some time to hold the ladder, shoot us a line!***

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