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Castle News: A portmanteu

So…first, the name.

Yes, it’s a bit odd. We know. It is, in fact (to use another odd-sounding word) a portmanteu:

portmanteau: a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others

Lewolkien is the combination of the last names of the beloved authors C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Friends in life. Forever bound together in the hearts of readers for their pioneering work in the fantasy and speculative genres. Now irrevocably mashed together in the name Lewolkien.

Further up and further in

Lewolkien centers around the question: what makes a book worth reading? Our answer to that question owes at least some inspiration to the works of Lewis and Tolkien. We seek and strive after the same kinds of qualities in literature which they did in their writing. And we sum this up with the classic transcendentals:

The Good. The True. The Beautiful.

Those are the three qualities which allow a work to endure, to say something worth saying. If a book exhibits those three qualities it will receive our highest praise.

Because in the end, Lewolkien, and this site, are about helping readers find books that will challenge and equip them to embrace the reality which is larger than any story, and which is being written every single day in their lives by an Almighty Author, with a pen of flesh, sinew, emotion, whose ink is thought, experience, and memory.

Take up and read. They are words that change history. And they are for such a time as this.

Read to know yourself. Read to know God. And never mind the naysayers.

Even when your name is Lewolkien.

JOIN US for the day March 7th.


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