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Retreats & Events

Castle Ministries has been designed to further educate and disciple Christians by providing them with a place for study and solitude.

Marriage Retreats

CM Marriage Retreats are planned around simple principles with deep conviction. Retreats are generally planned for 10 couples or less to foster small group interaction and discussion.

Monk~Abbey Retreat


We experience scripture by sitting under its teachings and reading of its truths, which are all beneficial and life giving. Through Monk & Abbey retreats we hope that you will find the richness of steeping in the Word by writing it out word by word and discussing it with other believers in a retreat setting.


Work/Study Camp

Castle Ministries camps offer a unique twist to the typical Christian camp experience. Instead of the usual focus on evangelism, CM aims primarily to train and disciple its campers. After a decade of experience and dozens of successful camps and retreats, CM camp is considered by many veterans to be the highlight of the summer.

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