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A Little Bit About Us​

Jacob & Melissa Stock

Jacob and Melissa moved from Texas to Tennessee in 2004.  Jacob is an educator by trade, has a masters degree from Southwestern Seminary, and has a love for God's creation. He has been in counseling roles at camps for many years alongside churches.  From this experience he has pioneered the CM work/study camp, birthed from a passion to see young men discipled. He is responsible for building and maintaining the 145 acre mountain top property. He oversees and attends all summer camps and monk retreats. Melissa enjoys doing monthly Abbey retreats for women and students and volunteers in all administrative aspects of the ministry. Together they enjoy leading the marriage and parenting retreats and raising their 4 children to know the ways of the Lord.


Jim and Carole Evans

Jim and Carole moved from Texas to Tennessee in 2010 to lend a hand in many ways to the needs of CM.  Jim has worked on most every building on site and is always there for brainstorming better ways of implementing things.  Carole has had her hands full with childcare and food preparation for the multitude of events.  They bring a warm, loving presence to every place that they serve.

Sherry Kelley

Keith and Sherry have been involved with CM since 2004.  They moved from Texas to Tennessee in 2013, acquiring the new acreage and building of the Retreat House.  Keith  works from the "cloud" and serves CM through planning and financial oversight.  Sherry is CM's Hostess, making sure guests at CM feel loved and well fed.  

John and Nikki Beach

John and Nikki moved from Georgia to Tennessee in 2013.  Coming from years of growing couples' faith by journeying through life with them, they have come alongside to journey and serve with Castle Ministries.  From marriage and parenting sessions to the monk and abbey retreats, they have partaken in all areas of life and recently moved to the Tudor Lodge.  John and Nikki have 3 children and have a deep love for the Word and community.  


Ashtyn and Bella Stock

Ashtyn has been attending retreats for the past 10 years and has entered into an Administrative Assistant to the ministry.  She comes alongside the various task set ups for weekend retreats and prepares the mailouts and database.  Bella is right behind her with 9 years of experience with retreats and specializes in the design and creating a warm environment for those attending.

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