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Marriage Retreats

Marriage Weekend

Interested in hosting a neighborhood study or bringing 

your group for a weekend? Drop us a line!

Mission of Marriage Retreats/Events

CM Marriage Retreats are planned around simple principles with deep conviction from God's Word.  Retreats are generally planned for 10 couples or less to foster small group interaction and discussion. 

The Art of Marriage
6 Session Study - Click Here for More Info

Weekend Retreat Option

5 or 6 sessions with a 30 min video & 30 min of discussion/mini projects/articles/tips.

Register for the next CM Weekend Marriage Retreat @ the Retreat House.   


6 Week Neighborhood Option

Gather at a neighborhood house at 6:30.  We have a few munchies/drinks while everyone gets there, then watch the video/discuss.  It is a great format and interaction with other couples!  If interested in having us facilitate in your home, let us know!


Topics Addressed in the 6 Sessions

- Love Happens: God's Purpose and Plan

- Love Fades: Overcoming Isolation

- Love Dances: Fulfilling Our Responsibilities

- Love Interrupted: Communication and Conflict

- Love Sizzles: Experiencing Real Intimacy

- Love Always: Leaving a Lasting Legacy


Typical Schedule for Weekend Retreats


6:45pm     Arrive/Unload 

7:15pm     Session 1
8:30pm     Session 2
9:30pm     Coffee House/Desserts


     Devotional on the Grounds
8:30am     Breakfast
9:15am      Session 3
10:15am     Breakout Session
11:00am    Session 4
12:00pm    Picnic Lunches as Couples
1:00pm     Session 5
2:00pm     Badminton, Croquet, Free Time as Couples
5:30pm     Dinner/ Walk Grounds
7:30pm     Session 6

Please Fill Out the Marriage Retreat Registration Form 



Contact us if you have a group that would like to be a part of a session or if your church would like to have a Couples' Retreat in your town.

Common Concerns

Q. "Our little 3 month old is still nursing?"

A. The way the rooms are set up, we will allow nursing infants only.  We have found that with a Bjorn and Baby Monitor these couples can still have a wonderful retreat!


Q. "We would love to come but finances are an issue?"

A. There is Scholarship $$$ available for those who need it. Castle Ministries has never allowed finances to be an issue  for those who want to go on a retreat. We seek to be wise stewards of these funds. 


Q. "We have a conflict with part of the time but want to go for the rest of the weekend (i.e. Friday night)?"


A. Let us know about it, and we will try to work out the details.

2010 - present

2010 - present


"I really appreciated the challenges that were put forth in living radical lives for Christ by rejecting the worldly aspects of our culture.  Those challenges were good on both a personal and marital level, because we just don't always recognize how entrenched we are in the world and its influences, and how far from Christ's example our "Christian" lives can drift." Jeff & Natalie  Knoxville, TN


"Mark and I wanted to thank you for allowing God to work through your lives which allowed us to be blessed at the retreat.  The retreat was so well planned even with the smallest touches.  The washing of each others' feet was life changing for me.  I felt so at one with Mark!  We love you guys and look forward to next years retreat!" Mark & Nina  Rosenburg, TX

"Thank you for all the time, energy , creativity , thoughtfulness and prayer you put into the retreat- It showed in everything from the games , break out sessions, to the care package on our beds- it was awesome and a blessing to our marriage!!!!!!!" Todd & Angie  Houston, TX

"What was most amazing was we didn't come home with a revival-like fervency that may or may not dwindle in a few days. We returned with the knowledge and foundation to guide our marriage and family in a spiritual matter. The things we learned went beyond that which we know from our Christian life and teachings. They were keys to some doors that we didn't even know existed." Doug & Kasie  Austin, TX

"Just a quick note to say how much we really enjoyed the retreat. You all did a great job, and we are so glad we went. We really enjoyed getting to know the other couples in the fun context, and see a different side of them. We especially loved the last session with the prayer and feet washing and what you shared. Thanks for your work and all the things you did to make our marriage better." Loren & Christina Ozanne  Knoxville, TN


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