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Can I work with you, Daddy?

Recently the bathroom had water damage and needed serious remodeling. Of course this is discovered a week before a retreat is to be held with a dozen girls sharing bathroom space! Boys would have been fine, but girls... So, I dug in and have slaved away all week trying to make the deadline. My 7 and 8 year old girls have repeatedly asked, "Can I work with you, Daddy?" I love that line. I love it because it brings me joy to see them assess the need and have a desire to help. I love it because it entails a love for me. I love it because I like to have a friend when I work, a buddy to talk to. I have also been enveloped in a marriage that is hurting. We have been meeting with a couple and struggling to help an all too common problem. My heart aches for families and the distress in marriages. I felt compelled to pray for this couple, especially the husband today. I was reminded of how little I actually speak to God about the need. I mean, He knows and He knows I want to help, but do I really pray? As I was praying I asked God to do a work, and then I asked if He could help me, help them. Then it struck me and I almost cried; maybe the Father God feels like me sometimes as a father, when I simply ask, "Can I help you, Daddy?"

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